Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blue and Pink Sewing Room

Antique Secretary for Fat Quarters

Tall Container to Catch my Threads
Cutting Table with Storage Underneath
More Hidden Storage

View of my Dormer

Pink Dresser
Antique Tool Box Stores all the Little Things
The Queen Reigns Here
Wow, I finally got the sewing room I dreamed of. At least the one I dreamed of that was within my budget. After my son moved out, I took the room over.  I told my husband that it was going to be a "Sewing Room" and nothing else.  My husband's Great-Great Grandfather made the antique Secretary that I store my fat quarters in and the top "drawer door " opens flat to make a desk top.  It has smaller drawers in it plus room for my laptop. The other two drawers are nice and deep for larger pieces of fabrics and projects.  The room not only has two closets but there is access to the attic with shelving.  Of course, in the attic I can only store items that can endure the Texas heat.

I store some larger items underneath my sewing tables so as you glance around everything looks neat and in order.  Now pray tell, how come I still lose things!