Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dark Turquoise and Leopard

The base price is $60.00.  The embroidery strap is an additional $5.00.  The standard pocket is a horizonal pocket on one side divided into two 6" x 6" sections but you can request one like above which is 9" x 8".  Included in the base price is one pocket, any additional pocket add $2.50.  For additional information visit my FB site at Sew Cute by gena

So many custom made totes. Take a look at what I have been doing

This tote is Brown tool on one sie and Turquoise on the other.  Like all of my totes, it measures 13" wide, 12" high and the depth is 5".  They are always lined with a bold printed oilcloth which makes cleaning a snap.  For more information on my totes, please visit my FB site Sew Cute by gena.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Green Croc with Pink Piping and Zebra Lining

Like all my totes, they are lined with printed oilcloth thats makes them so easy to keep clean.  You can use it as a diaper bag and throw that wet wash cloth or wipes in, and don't worry if that sippy cup leaks.