Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Shoulder Bag

Here's my new should bag.  This one I made for myself and its so comfortable.  I really love it.

In the Pink

I really don't know why I am on such a pink craze lately.  First a pink room (and I grew up being such a tom-boy and hating pink) and now this pink suede purse.  I am going to add this one to my Etsy store.  I just finished it yesterday and already have orders for it!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blue and Pink Sewing Room

Antique Secretary for Fat Quarters

Tall Container to Catch my Threads
Cutting Table with Storage Underneath
More Hidden Storage

View of my Dormer

Pink Dresser
Antique Tool Box Stores all the Little Things
The Queen Reigns Here
Wow, I finally got the sewing room I dreamed of. At least the one I dreamed of that was within my budget. After my son moved out, I took the room over.  I told my husband that it was going to be a "Sewing Room" and nothing else.  My husband's Great-Great Grandfather made the antique Secretary that I store my fat quarters in and the top "drawer door " opens flat to make a desk top.  It has smaller drawers in it plus room for my laptop. The other two drawers are nice and deep for larger pieces of fabrics and projects.  The room not only has two closets but there is access to the attic with shelving.  Of course, in the attic I can only store items that can endure the Texas heat.

I store some larger items underneath my sewing tables so as you glance around everything looks neat and in order.  Now pray tell, how come I still lose things!

My New Clutches

Flower Power Side View
Flower Power
In just the last few days, I have gone crazy sewing handbags and clutches.  The one I named Flower Power is from some fabric I found on a remnant table.  I loved the color and print but wasn't sure what I was going to do with it until I found this pattern.  It doesn't have pockets inside but there is a small pocket tucked inside the exterior pocket to insert a cell phone.

I love making these clutches.  It really is easy and fast.  At this rate, I will have one of each color before long!

I really want to step these clutches up a few notches, so I need to dream up some more ideals. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Here Goes Something New for Me

My Pink Sewing Dresser
I am so new to this blogging even though I have read a million of others before I have never submitted my own.  It is such a great way to express yourself to others that have the same interest.  I know my husband only hears about one third of my sewing stories and then he somehow tunes me out.

I recently redid my sewing room and will be including some new pics as soon as I find my camera (or purchase a new one)  I had the crazy camera to do before and after pictures but it probably got stored away with some of my sewing things.  Who knows, I will come across it some day when I start digging around.  It seems the harder I try to be organize the harder it is to find things.